samedi 28 avril 2012

Dubuffet, Ernst, Giacometti, Gottlieb, Guston, Still, Tinguely, Wright - Hirshhorn

Jean Dubuffet (French, b. Le Havre, 1901-1985)
The Soul of Morvan, 1954
Grape wood and vines mounted on slag base with tar, rope, wire, twine, nails and staples.

Jean Dubuffet (French, b. Le Havre, 1901-1985)
Crossed Arms, 1955

Jean Dubuffet (French, b. Le Havre, 1901-1985)
Landscape with Poodle, 1955-56

Max Ernst (French, b. Brühl, Germany, 1891-1976)
Moonmad, 1944, cast 1956

Alberto Giacometti (Swiss, b. Borgonovo, 1901-1966)
Bust of Diego, 1957

Adolph Gottlieb (American, b. New York City, 1903-1974)
Spray, 1959

Philip Guston (American, b. Montreal, Canada, 1913-1980)
Oasis, 1957

Clyfford Still (American, b. Grandin, North Dakota, 1904-1980)
1962-D, 1962

Jean Tinguely (Swiss, b. Fribourg, 1925-1991)
The Sorceress, 1961

Frank Lloyd Wright (American, b. Richland Center, Winsconsin, 1867-1959)
Composition in Light: Window from the Coonley Playhouse, 1912

Foto MSChirca, 2011 - Hirshhorn Museum, Washington DC