lundi 23 septembre 2013

Cycladic figurines (3200-2000 BC) - British Museum

"Early Cycladic material can broadly be divided into three groups or 'cultures'. 
These are the Grotta-Pelos culture (3200-2800 BC) the Keros-Syros culture (2800-2300 BC) and the Phylakopi I culture (2300-2000 BC). 
The cultures are named after the islands or sites where typical material has been found."

"It is possible that originally the figurines had a variety of uses,
some being used in household cult activity before accompanying their owners to the grave."

"Limestone female figure.
Probably Late Neolithic, 4500-3200 BC
From Karpathos
This figure has some features in common with Cycladic figurines, 
notably the beaked nose, pointed breasts and pronounced pubic triangle. 
It may in some sense be a precursor of Cycladic figures, but it is unusual, and yhe relationship is unclear."

"Marble figurine of a woman.
Cycladic (transitional between the Grotta-Pelos and Keros-Syros cultures), 2800-2600 BC.
Found in Antiparos.

The arms are not completely folded, and the facial features are partly sculpted."

[Notes from British Museum]