mercredi 27 novembre 2013

British Museum - Cycladic jugs (2300-2000 BC) / Cruches des Cyclades / Ulcioare din Ciclade

"The Greek Bronze Age, so-called because bronze was the material generally used for tools and weapons, lasted from about 3200-1100 BC.
 In the Early Bronze Age, relatively prosperous and well populated settlements flourished in the Cyclades.
The livelihood of the inhabitants depended on farming and fishing."

Pottery beaked jug
Cycladic (Phylakopi I culture), 2300-2000 BC

The elongated spout is typical of Cycladic jugs.

Pottery multiple cluster vase ('kernos')
Cycladic (Phylakopi I culture), 2300-2000 BC
From Melos

This type of elaborate multiple vessel, with series of small receptacles clustering round a larger central container,
 may have  had a ritual function, such as for the dedication of small quantities of different substances to a deity

[Notes from British Museum]