mardi 23 août 2016


 “Beauty, whose face and mystery we seek,

Forever longing and forever foiled,

Whose praise the voices of our art would speak,

And in whose faith all art and love have toiled."  [...] 

"O domes and towers and stupendous walls!

O voices of auroral waterfalls!

Sierran thunderheads of cloud or stone

That share the heavens as a realm o'erthrown!” [...]

Yosemite by George Sterling (1869, Sag Harbor – 1926, San Francisco)

lundi 8 août 2016

PIER 39 – Cel mai vizitat obiectiv turistic din San Francisco

April 2015 – PIER 39 once again ranked most-visited attraction in San Francisco

by San Francisco Travel Association’s 2014 Visitor Profile Study.

August 1977 – Construction begins on PIER 39.

October 4, 1978 – PIER 39 opens on schedule to fanfare in San Francisco.

Originally, PIER 39 had 50 stores, a diving pool and street performers.
The PIER also had 23 restaurants.

January 1989 – PIER 39 is named the third most-visited attraction in the country
 by USA Today.

January 1990 – California sea lions begin arriving in droves on PIER 39’s K Dock,
creating a local and international sensation.

To date, the population has grown as high as 1,701.