lundi 8 août 2016

PIER 39 – Cel mai vizitat obiectiv turistic din San Francisco

April 2015 – PIER 39 once again ranked most-visited attraction in San Francisco

by San Francisco Travel Association’s 2014 Visitor Profile Study.

August 1977 – Construction begins on PIER 39.

October 4, 1978 – PIER 39 opens on schedule to fanfare in San Francisco.

Originally, PIER 39 had 50 stores, a diving pool and street performers.
The PIER also had 23 restaurants.

January 1989 – PIER 39 is named the third most-visited attraction in the country
 by USA Today.

January 1990 – California sea lions begin arriving in droves on PIER 39’s K Dock,
creating a local and international sensation.

To date, the population has grown as high as 1,701.