dimanche 2 décembre 2018

Olive Tree Museum - The Carli Colllection, Imperia, Italia

 "Carlo Carli Olive Tree Museum exhibits and saves some peculiar finds
 of a different nature, shape and use, gathered for over a century." 

"This section shows the objects that can be considered the symbol of the history of the olive tree
 in the Mediterranean area: oil lamps and oil cruets."

 "The first olive oil cruet can be found in the royal court of France
towards the Mid-Seventeenth Century." 

"In this surrounding of lavish furnishings, the olive oil finds its place on the tables
 and it was contained in small cruets embellished by finely crafted artistic silver supports."

"The olive oil comes out of the kitchens and becomes part of the complex etiquette
for the set of banquets with real triumphs in silver, gold, crystal and transparencies
to which it adds its warm shade."
© Museo dell’Olivo Carlo Carli, Imperia, Italia

Parigi, 1819-1838
Punzone L Poissant

Oliera da tavola
Turchia. ‘800
"Durante gli ultimi secoli I contenitori da tavola per olio di origine europea 
fecero la loro comparsa in Oriente e si arricchirono di elementi decorativi islamici."
© Museo dell’Olivo Carlo Carli, Imperia, Italia

Via Garessio, 13
Imperia, Italia